A. List of experts

Two lists should be submitted. The first is a list of experts who have been consulted during the drafting of the proposal and who have already expressed interest in participating in the Action. The second list, if appropriate, covers those experts who may well be interested but who have not been contacted, or who have not yet replied, during the pre-proposal planning.

Please highlight the experts that might be part of the Management Committee (give full contact details). For the others, please list only title, institution and e-mail.

  • Name and title:
  • Institution:
  • Contact details (if appropriate):
  • E-mail:
  • Telephone:

At the stage of approval of the draft MoU, remember to provide, the COST Office with a detailed updated list of potential participants in the Action for the CSO, in order to facilitate the work of the CNCs (clearly distinguishing contacted and non-contacted experts).