E.1. Coordination…

E.1. Coordination and organisation

  • Give a clear picture of the management and organisation of the Action.
  • Reflect the fact that a COST Action is implemented through a concerted action, which means that the research is carried out in and financed by the participating countries, while COST provides the necessary co-ordination.
  • Use organisational features common to all COST Actions, but also allow for limited Action-specific variations (e.g. you may want to introduce a Steering Group, an Editorial Board, STSM manager, etc.). Consult “Rules and Procedures for implementing COST Actions”.
  • Mention milestones – major achievements that are crucial to the future direction of the Action.
  • Explain how the coordination of national research will be implemented (including the creation of possible common research teams, conferences and workshops, short-term scientific missions or other exchanges between laboratories, training schools, websites, etc.).
  • Be aware of the obligation to set up an Action specific website that will not duplicate general information already available from the COST website (e.g. signatory list, MC list, etc.) and to keep it updated: Include a plan to keep this website up to date, both to serve the needs of the participants and with the specific aim of ensuring the dissemination or exploitation of the results of the Action.
  • As a rule, do not list names of interested research establishments and scientists.(This will be part of the Additional Information.)

This Action advances international scholarly literary research by initiating the development of a shared infrastructure supporting interoperable tools for collaborative digital editing, visualizing and analyzing literary material. It seeks to further the cooperation between researchers of different (EU) countries. The new research possibilities and results this Action creates are of a public interest by the very nature of their subject matter (i.e. literature). The aim is to network nationally funded research in the field of scholarly editing, publishing and analyzing digital literary material to further that research and to further technical infrastructure into an shared international research infrastructure. The Management Committee initiating this Action calls for open Working Groups and wants to welcome any humanities researchers or research groups that have an interest in exploring the possibilities to develop the proposed research infrastructure. An area of particular interest within the Action will be the proportional representation of male/female researchers as well as the inclusion of talented young researchers. As such the proposed Action is closely related to the nature of COST-fundable collaboration initiatives.