C.5. Target groups…

C.5. Target groups/end users

Reflect on the likely end users of the expected results.

The primary target group of this Action are the European literary scholars and researchers. On the one hand literature scholars will be empowered to put their research and editions directly on an digital infrastructure geared towards their specific methodological needs. Those researchers/end users may be regarded as producers and providers of digital research materials using the tools this Action wants to provide. On the other hand there is a user group also formed by literary scholars and researcher who are cosumers of the digital production of the former group of researchers.

However this Action does not need to limit its target groups to literary researchers and academic scholars per se. By providing the tools distinguished in this proposal, this Action puts a powerfull aparatus for the production of digital born editions of literary sources and material into the hands of the primary target group. But it needs hardly any explanation that these tools do provide for the efficient proliferation of digital editions into a wider usergroup. As it is notoriously difficult to put scientific reliable (historical) literary material into commercially viable print, the digital publication of these materials will provide a means for this cultural important material to reach a wider audience.