This is the Interedtion weblog. Interedition is a project initiated by Huygens Institute to enhance the international digital infrastructure for scholarly editorial work. At the moment the project is in an initialisation phase. Huygens Institute is coördinating the production of proposals to find suitable funds to start an international interaction that will bootstrap the project. The shortterm goal may be quoted from the preliminary proposal submitted to COST:

Scholarly digital editing and analysis of literary material has been foremost an institutional practice. International cooperation consists mainly of exchanging research results and advancing methodology through conferences and journals. But a shared technical infrastructure for the preparation, editing, publishing, analysis and visualization of literary material does not exist – and there’s little international endeavor to develop such an infrastructure. This Action aims to form an international Management Committee of researchers that have a thorough experience in electronic editing and digital text analysis for scholarly purposes in national context. A series of meetings will be called for researchers in the field of literary research and IT to meet on the topic of a shared supranational networked infrastructure for digital scholarly editing and analysis. The Action will deliver a roadmap for the implementation of such an infrastructure.

The longterm goal of Interedition is to realize the shared supranational networked infrastructure for digital scholarly editing and analysis mentioned in the abstract above.