B.3. Reasons…

B.3. Reasons for the Action

  • Reasons for launching the Action, emphasising immediate and future benefits and envisaged applications (understandable for non-specialists readers!).
  • Indicate whether the Action is mainly aimed at European economic/societal needs, or at scientific/technological advance, or both.
  • Clearly distinguish between objectives, expected results and the means that are needed to achieve them. The impact of COST comes from concrete outcomes, not just activity; so indicate how the Action will aim for maximally productive outcomes.

We need to sum up very shortly what benefits we expect: more users in the community of literary researchers; more reliable tools through development cooperation; better supportability and maintenability of the produce code and tools through shared knowledge and methodological approach (NOT shared or dictated mehtod and technique of implementation though!); a general increase in (international) cooperation on creating digital edition; an increase in cooperation on the produciton of edition technology; general advancement in numbers of editions published as the tools will be open to use for any researchers, so scholars than want to publish but couldn’t afford paper- or software can now put their material on the web and before the world.