Presentation of Interedition at COST

On September 19th we presented the Interedition initiative to the Executive Group for the COST Domain of Individuals, Societies, Culture and Health. We do like to think it was a success. The committee members were clearly very knowledgeable about the content of our proposal and had taken it in with great interest, they seemed to show considerable enthusiasm. We think we answered there questions, which were accurate and to the point, to their satisfaction.

We understand that we now have made it into the last round, were just 6 of a total of 411 projects are invited to make a case for themselves. Of the these 6 probably 3 or 4 will receive funding. So, our chances have now risen to a tantalizing 50% at the least. Let´s keep our fingers crossed a little while longer.

In mid October we´ll receive a first indication. By mid November a final decision will be communicated.

The powerpoint presentation is amended to this post.

Presentation of Interedition at COST

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