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COST invites Interedition to submit full proposal

Monday, May 28th, 2007

On May 18th we received a mail from the COST-office informing us that we are invited to submit a full proposal to COST. We are invited to submit a full proposal as one of 79 out of a total number of 411 preliminary applications. In the end roughly a third of the 79 final applications will be eligible for funding. Thus it seems we now have about 30% chance of receiving funding for out initiative.

The deadline for the full proposal is the 27th of July. We have to take into account at least one week to get the final text proofread by a corrector. So, if we use July 20th as an internal deadline, we have just about seven weeks to get the full proposal into shape. Which actually is not that much, given the amount of information the COST office wants us to compile. It seems we have precious little time to waist.

EU 7th Frame work’s 2nd ICT call

Thursday, May 3rd, 2007

Karina van Dalen and Joris van Zundert met with Dutch EU liaisons Dick Schoorel and Bert van Werkhoven on may 2, 2007. Bert van Werkhoven suggested applying for funding of Interedition within the upcoming second ICT call of the European Union 7th framework. Possibly this would be a better match for Interedition than COST. We intend to apply for funding within the 7th framework in case Interedition would be turned down by COST. Especially Bert van Werkhoven would gladly be of assistance in writing up a proposal for this call.

Joris van Zundert will attend a meeting on the upcoming second ICT call of the European Union 7th framework. The actual call is expected to be published on June 7th, 2007.