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Further possibilities for funding

Monday, April 2nd, 2007

We talked to Dick Schoorel and Tineke Lubbers, EU liaisons for The Netherlands. They stressed that ours was an interesting proposal, worth trying to get funded from an EU-perspective. They helped me with straitening out the politics of the latest draft. On the downside they had to tell me that we only have a very slight chance of getting funding through COST. COST expects to receive about 900 proposals, less than 10% of which will be invited to submit a full proposal, of which only a few will be granted in the end. In all we only stand about a 3% chance of receiving funding through COST. Therefore it was Dick Schoorel’s suggestion to prepare more than one proposal. I will be talking to him about preparing a revised proposal for another COST slot, also we’ll be looking into the possibilities to get funding from the 7th frame work. We’ll keep you posted.